Federation of St Dominic and St Mellion Schools

Ethos & Values


We aim to:

· Facilitate the highest quality teaching and learning to secure high standards of achievement.

· Develop a reasoned set of personal attitudes, Christian values and beliefs; an understanding of the Christian faith and a respect for the beliefs of others.

· Ensure all staff are valued within a reflective and motivated team.

· Nurture a sense of awe, wonder, curiosity and mystery within a broad curriculum.

· Provide a challenging and stimulating environment in which children are motivated to succeed.

· Encourage children to be interactive and independent learners who are happy, and able to demonstrate due regard for others.

· Foster self-confidence and high self-esteem in every child.

· Cultivate the knowledge, values and skills necessary to promote inclusion and participation.

· Promote pupils’ understanding of their responsibilities in acting as globally aware citizens.

· Maintain and further develop strong links between school, home, Church, locality and wider global community.


*Values in Focus 2017/18: Community, Compassion, Thankfulness, Truth, Respect & Reverence, & Peace.

Our Federation Motto is:

“Learning and Caring Together”