Federation of St Dominic and St Mellion Schools


Focus on Attendance

I hope everybody will receive the data about their children’s attendance each term This is something we have to share and follow up. Every child is tracked on the computer and their attendance figures are recorded and analysed in school census information that is sent nationally every term.

It is good to see that many of our children have excellent attendance and only a few are late. Thank you, as it makes our work easier and prevents many hours of unnecessary follow up and discussions. Some schools have huge issues to face and then there is less time to spend on learning and the curriculum development.

We need to make all parents/carers aware of the following:

It is the law that all parents make sure that their children attend school.

The government have now stated that children who attend for less than 90% of the sessions are classed as persistent absentees.

The expectation is moving to at least 95% attendance.

If you had a ‘holiday’ last term and your child was ill as well, it is possible that they fell into this group.

Do make sure you look at it and do query it if you think it is not right! make parents aware of:

Patterns in attendance - most worrying are the pupils who have a regular day off, not that there are many in our school compared to most but a few are showing. This means that children may have the same day off each term or a different one regularly over the weeks. There are days when any one of us feel tired or would prefer to be doing something else, but it is amazing how much learning takes place every day. Children with gaps in learning are often those who miss days. They feel as though others are ahead because they have missed the day before sessions. Parents who do not send their children to school when they are fit enough can actually cause their child to lose confidence and self- esteem unnecessarily. Whereas we do not want sick children at school, some children do seem to miss quite a few sessions; do make sure they are in school whenever possible. An Education Welfare Officer (EWO) may request a report from the GP or the school nurse may make contact if a child’s attendance is causing concern.

Lateness & unauthorised absence.

A few children are missing the first few minutes of morning learning and causing disruption by being late into sessions. Please can the collective New Year’s resolution be to make sure all children are in for registration by 8.50 at the latest. Remember doors open at 8.40 and the registers taken at 8.55. Without a reasonable explanation, children will not have a code that will record a reason thatwill authorise absence. The EWO monitors children with these. Please do inform the office on the morning of absence and if letters are sent home requesting the information please return to update our systems. Apologies if you think you have already given a reason we do try to make sure that information is recorded immediately, but there will be times when systems do not work.