Federation of St Dominic and St Mellion Schools

School Uniform

Thank you to all the families that responded to the School Uniform Questionnaire - we had a high response rate.  


Questions 1: Do you like our school uniform? 

  • 95% of you did like our uniform
  • 5% did not like our uniform

Your comments:

  • The school needs to ensure everyone wears the correct uniform

Federation Response: We are pleased you like our school uniform & we will work to ensure clearer uniform guidance.

Question 2: Do you believe our school uniform is consistent across the age-ranges?

  • 70% agreed that uniform was consistent
  • 20% believed it was not consistent
  • 10% felt unsure.

Your comments:

  • The school needs to ensure everyone wears the correct uniform
  • Clearer rules are needed & the uniform needs to be enforced.
  • Reminders to parents would help enforce it expected uniform

Federation Response: With 30% of you not in agreement or unsure, we will ensure clearer uniform guidance & expectations, for all ages, is given to guarantee consistency.

Question 3: Do you think that our school uniform promotes identity and belonging?

  • 95 % believed it did.
  • 5% were unsure.

Your comments:  

  • The school needs to ensure everyone wears the correct uniform
  • Yes it does, when everyone conforms.

Federation Response: We are pleased that you believe our school uniform promotes identity and belonging. We will continue to look for opportunities to promote identity and belonging.

Question 4: Do you think our school uniform minimises competition over clothing?

  • 90% believed it did.
  • 10% believed it did not.

Your comments:

  • It does if everyone wears full school uniform i.e. no trainers etc…
  • Strongly agree with this, it identifies the school as a community too.

Federation Response: We are pleased a large majority of you feel our uniform minimises competition over clothing. We agree that identifying school community is so important. Going forward will continue to ensure consistent school uniform rules are upheld.

Question 5: Is our school uniform online supplier good value for money?

  • 40% answered yes
  • 35% answered no
  • 25% felt unsure

Your Comments:

  • The new online uniform is not as good quality as the previous supplier!
  • The uniform is good but correct sizes not always available with logos.
  • Very frustrating online system.
  • Didn’t think the cardigans were of particularly good quality and even after several washes, I’m still finding blue fluff everywhere.
  • Jumpers are good quality but T-Shirts are not.
  • I have not used it, as I want to be able to buy it from school directly.

Federation Response: We apologise that so many of you feel the quality is lower or not value for money. We have explored other providers & we have another company that comes highly recommended from other schools. We will make this an alternative supplier going forward. Should you wish to purchase school uniform through the school please come and discuss with our school secretaries who will help you do this.

 Question 6: Would you like uniformed PE kit with logos to include shorts, T-shirts & swimming costumes?

  • 50% said yes
  • 45% said no
  • 5% said unsure

Your Comments:

  • A PE shirt with a logo would be great.
  • A PE T-Shirt would be nice to stop competition over PE Kit i.e. football shirts.
  • Not swimming costumes but swim hats possibly.
  • Possibly but a strict uniform code more important than PE Kit at the moment.
  • PE tops are a good idea but don’t feel swimming trunks would get value for money.
  • A simple standardised colour of T-Shirts etc…

Federation Response: having explored your feedback & overwhelming call for T-Shirts with logos we have consulted school council who would like to look the same when they represent the school  as ‘The Saints’. They discussed a combination of the colours blue (St Mellion) and red (St Dominic) which made the colour purple. Therefore, having listened to all stakeholders, the PE T-Shirts will change to purple and have the Federation logo for ‘The Saints’ from September. We will give a clear guidance on a transition period. We felt the need for uniform swimming costumes & trunks was not there. However, we will look into swimming hats and costs.  We will also not be adding a logo to our school shorts but will give clear rules on PE Kit.

Question 7: Would you like to see our Federation Teams have their own new kits and logos? (netball, swimming, football & cross-country)

  • 60% said yes
  • 10% said no
  • 25% were unsure.

Your Comments:

  • School bibs with player positions etc…would be useful.

Federation Response: We are pleased that you would like to see Federation Team new kits with logos. ‘The Saints’ tops will help in other PE areas & Federation kit has been sourced for our Football team. The federation will look to create or gain sponsorship for cross-country & netball kits).

Question 8: Would you like to see any other new/additional items on our school uniform list: e.g. ties, blazers etc…

  • 25% said yes
  • 75% said no

Your comments:

  • Ties would be welcomed but not blazers
  • Ties perhaps but not blazers
  • Consistency with our uniform is required.
  • Same colour trousers/skirts with a white shirt or blouse & a tie and a blazer.
  • Ties and blazers would be smart – children would be proud of how they look and feel smarter.
  • Decision over grey or black trousers/skirts, pinafores – it would be good to have one colour grey or black not both.
  • Children should wear white shirts – this would be much smarter than yellow.
  • Ties could be dangerous and uncomfortable for young children.
  • Blazers would get messy with young children.
  • Uniform should be comfortable to ease the transition of learning.
  • A new uniform may prove expensive.
  • No blazers they are cold and uncomfortable.
  • Ties and blazers not right for a village school.
  • Clear trousers//pinafore colour choice.
  • Yellow shirts are expensive compared to white ones – difficult to find.

Federation response: The responses to this question took the longest to consider & although many of you stated yes, there were many conditions attached to those yeses. Therefore, we felt thorough discussion and investigation was required, which included Governors and our curriculum committee member. Having listened to all your feedback & spoken with the school council about what they would like, as well as gauging staff opinion, the Federation have decided to include only one extra item to our uniform: a school tie. Children and staff have requested a blue & red tie (elasticated with easy release) KS1 and full ties at KS2 – these will be worn with new v-neck jumpers so ties show & white shirts with collars (not polos) . All stakeholders agree that blazers will not become part of school uniform. The Federation have listened to your views on colour choices for trousers, skirts, pinafores etc… & chosen black rather than grey going forward from September. A clear transition period will be outlined.

Question 9:  Would you like further guidelines for uniform – such as jewellery, footwear, hair items, watches, fashion items etc…?

  • 50% said yes
  • 35% said no
  • 15% said unsure.

Your Comments:

  • I like that there if flexibility for individual expression which is huge at this age.
  • A clear list would be helpful
  • Yes please and a very strict ruling on this.
  • Hair bands in school colours please.
  • Summer dresses in the summer only.
  • Winter uniform in winter unless we have a heat wave.
  • White shirts
  • Same colour trousers, skirts, etc…
  • Never sure if it is grey or black uniform items.
  • White tops look so much smarter than yellow.
  • Clearer guidance would be helpful
  • A formal uniform would ease transition.
  • Footwear for school is a minefield – too many look like trainers.
  • Clearer footwear guidance for parents.
  • No need for fashion items at school - linked to Qn 3.
  • Yellow shirts are expensive compared to white ones – difficult to find.
  • Yes please – it makes it clear and easier for all parents.

Federation Response: Having listened to all stakeholders, & in the interest of consistency of standards, the Federation will set out clear school uniform rules for all to follow regarding these areas:  winter/summer kit, PE kit, hair & jewellery items & footwear. The Federation acknowledges freedom of expression & therefore will not make trousers and/or shorts gender specific.

What happens next:

  • Parents will receive a letter outlining the School Uniform from September 2018 at Easter 2018.
  • Results of School Uniform Questionnaire will be published on the school website with parent comments & Federation responses.
  • There will be a clear transition period to ensure fairness for all: 2 & ½ terms - Easter 2018 to Spring Half Term 2019.