Federation of St Dominic and St Mellion Schools

  Next Collection Booked For 22nd January - for more information   please visit 




Thank you to all who helped with yet another successful Christmas Fayre.  Thank you to all that attended and were in any way involved.  

 TOTAL PROFIT  PSA + School Council = £570.69


The Committee

The PSA needs you! We need more varied and newer voices! We would like to invite new members to join. Have a say in how PSA money is spent. We meet on average once every 2 months. Most proposals are agreed by email from the comfort of your own home. This really will not take up a lot of your time. Please feel free to approach any of us with any queries, concerns and new ideas or if you would like to join us as a member or a helping hand. It's fun, it's rewarding and what's more we're doing it for the children.

President: Mrs S Ogalo

Chair: Margo Vella 

Treasurer: Adam McCollough

Members:  Helen Mace, Li Selman, Sue Daniels Emma Weatherhead, Liz Saunders, Stephanie Lee, Melissa Lai-Hung, Naomi Miles



If you purchase anything online, anything at all. Please take a few minutes to register with Easyfundraiser. This is a cashback site and will cost you nothing extra on top of whatever it is you purchase online. Please feel free to approach one of us to help you with the tech side of things. You simply search for your retailer of choice within the Easyfundraiser App or website, this will direct you to the retailer's site, for example Tesco Direct for our uniforms (hint hint!) and then you use your normal login credentials to proceed with your purchase as usual. A payment is sent directly to the PSA's bank account approximately every quarter.

                Please register at https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/stmellionpta/

Also worth mentioning that our very own Adam and Emily's business ToyDay can be accessed via Easyfundraiser


We have various Bags2School dates booked during the academic year.  We are happy to accept donations at any stage and we can keep them in storage for you.  You can use bin liners alternatively bags are always available from the school office.


Save time and money with multipurpose stick-on name labels for clothes, shoes, lunch boxes, & all school items. Sent same day (Mon-Fri). What's more, the PSA will get a commission on every purchase. Leaflets will be sent out in children's bags for further information.

                                              Simply go to https://www.stikins.co.uk/

and at the checkout, it's important to remember to quote our school's fundraising number 21108.

A cheque will be sent out to us once a year usually around October / November. Please, for name labels, no sewing, no ironing, no hassle...look no further!